Electronic Rein for Bull controller

August 20, 2015


Project Idea:

In FAB LAB we are trying to make device that will control bull remotely.

I did proto type design include with motor, transmitter and receiver unit with use RF module initially.

So, Rf module will able to communicate one board with other board which will operate motors to control bull by rein.

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FAB Incinerator:v2 updated

August 20, 2015


Woma Vivas FAB incinerator is sanitary pad disposal box. Woma Vivas stands for “Women Hygiene”.In day to day life all ladies, girls face biggest problem of disposal of used sanitary pads. Many time they flush in toilets or put in dustbins which causes pollution.I was personally facing this problem.So to avoid this and solution for all ladies in Vigyan Ashram FAB LAB I decided to make this incinerator box,which is very safe and easy to operate. I took eight different trial before making this device. Now the device is ready, which can installed in bathroom.It can dispose pad in safe and easy way. It can dispose of the used sanitary pad in 4-5 min and cost less than INR 1($0.02) to dispose the pad. My incinerator is for the household and for personal use.Please my video link to see ‘how to use the incinerator’.

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LUX Meter

August 20, 2015



To measure light intensity of various lamps also we can make analysis for energy consumption.To know more about light intensity click here LUX meter


Every one use light but few of us know about intensity.We understand lamps but we can’t answer questions about intensity of light.
In Vigyan Ashram we made LED lamps of various wattage but it could not be sufficient to know how much out put we get from lamp?Idea is to make LED lamp kit with LUX meter.

This device also useful for Farmers (poultry, poly house owner)..


1)LUX meter can help us differentiate lamp as per their light intensity,So we can save power as per energy consumption.
2)In poly house Farmers can used this device
3)In Poultry farming

4)Kids can used this and enjoy activity to measuring light.

5)In photographer can use and develop this device

Before making this device in digital way
I go through various circuit like with using LED and all
Finally I got sucess in below circuit which required very less components
Some resistors, LED and battery

More info:click here

For video:click here


Technology brochures for important technology

June 21, 2015

We are please to publish technology brochures for important development work done under DST and Praj foundation support. The details of technologies like Rice De-husking machine, Drying technologies, Sanitoy Pad incinirator, food processing products, agricultural tools etc are published here with – Technology brochures

Your suggestions , feedback’s will encourage us further !


Low cost solar dryer for Improving terrace drying ………

June 13, 2015

Drying of fruits / vegetables / Papad in open sun is traditional method of preservation. Quality of open sun dried food products are always concern due to contamination of dirt, dis-coloration and attack by pest (birds/ Monkey etc). To improve quality of open sun dried products and to add commercial aspect to it (as cottage scale processing), experiments were conducted at Vigyan ashram in summer(2015). As a result of these experiment, a low cost solar dryer is developed and tested on various traditional open drying products as leafy vegetables / Amla candy , Papad etc. Here is the details report of this experiment ——

Low cost terrace dryer

Low cost terrace dryer



May 27, 2015

Hydroponics fodder can be grown in low cost greenhouses with locally available grains. Production of hydroponics fodder in low cost greenhouses is an effective solution for fodder scarcity and is a very promising technology for sustainable livestock production in different regions of India.



Green fodders are staple feed for dairy animals. Dairy animals producing up to 5-7 litters’ milk per day can be maintained exclusively by feeding green fodders. Hydroponic farming is the art of growing plants without the use of soil. This technology is old as history.

  • Vigyan ashram, Pabal has developed Geodesic dome structures which is easy to build and low cost structure, having very good structural strength.
  • By utilising those dome we grown- hydroponics green fodder.


To know more about this please click the link:Hydroponics


Mahua- Madhuca longifolia Flower Collector.

May 27, 2015

Title: Mahua Flower Collector.


Mahua- Madhuca longifolia is edible and is a food item for tribal community. They are used to make syrup for medicinal purposes. They are also fermented to produce the alcoholic drink, country liquor. The demand from tribal community created the need to develop Mahua flower collector. Main objective behind to develop the umbrella is – The final product to be delivered which unskilled labour can make use of it with 0% loss of uncontaminated produce.

Objective: – To collect the flowers of Mahua( Madhuca longifolia).

Need: –To remove dusty particles from the flowers and to avoid spoilage of flowers.


So by considering all points we developed the inverted umbrella like flower collector. To know more about this please click the link below:

Mahua flowers collector


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