Build your own polyhouse (costing and drawing details) .

May 7, 2015

Vigyan Ashram (DST core supported blog):

Dear viewers thank you very much for your comments and feedbacks on this particular post. We are glad to post updated design / construction manual as per request by many viewers. Please note this post and content are of purely educational purpose and viewers are requested to consult experts of this filed or write to us before using it commercial purpose.

Originally posted on Vigyan Ashram(DST Core supported) Blog:

Thank you very much for comments and request for polyhouse designs and its costing details.

New polyhouse (commonly known as saw tooth polyhouse structure) and its costing details ( as per current steel prices) are given in below attached files.


Saw tooth tropical model polyhouse cost economics

for more details you can write on Ranajeetpallavi@gmail.com

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Update on Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) trial from Vigyan ashram, Pabal.

March 20, 2015

The trial on High density farming through RAS system in on its way. We are getting mixed results for fish growth and overall performance of trial. Please follow following report for details on update of this trial –

RAS 2nd month update


Rural Technology trasfer through formal Educational system.

March 20, 2015

Vigyan ashram is working on dissemination of various appropiate rural technologies through   a formal educational system programme -Introduction to Basic Tecnhology (IBT) . Presently IBT programme is been implementaed in 5 states inclusing Maharashtra , Chhattisgarh, Karanatka, Gao, AP with more than 130 school.

In the month of February , PSSCIVE Bhopal held a conference on  “Emerging Trends of TVET vision-2015 “. Vigyan ashram presented IBT model of education in this conference and presented 2 papers on it. Following are the paper presented in the coference as –

Paper 1 –

Tiltle : – Keys to success of skills training in schools : Multi-skill Training and Community Services (Vigyan Ashram Experience)

Presented by – Dr.Yogesh Kulkarni

Paper link – Paper TVET in schools – Yogesh Kulkarni

Paper 2 –

Title:- Open Education Resources (OERs) for improving quality of skills training in secondary schools

Presented by – Ranajeet Shanbhag

Paper link- Paper- OER for skill training in secondary school

In addition to this Mr.Nazrul Haque (from PES Engineering College, Electronic City, Bangalore)- also presented his study on Vigyan ashram’s – Diploma In Basic Rural Technology (DBRT), NIOS supported skill training course in non-formal mode of education with his paper titleed as – Skilling for a Better Life.


Appropriate Rural Technology Resources.

February 26, 2015

Dear all,

Please visit following web-link for information on different rural technologies and organizations supported by Department of Science & Technology (SEED Division). If you want adopt / make use of any of these technologies we are more than happy to help you –





Rice De-husking machine – Lab trial report

February 25, 2015

As a part of technology development for producing brown rice at domestic level, we successfully completed lab trial. The said machine is motorized with 10 Kg/ Hr de-husking capacity. This machine is very useful for Rice growing Farmers, SHGs , rural youth for starting domestic level brown rice production. For details on lab trial please follow link given below –
rice de-husking lab-trial report

Rice- De-husking machine video — https://www.youtube.com/watchv=6E0yiQN6438&feature=youtu.be


Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) trials started at Vigyan ashram ….

February 15, 2015

As a part of study of feasibility of Aquaponics system in Indian contest, we have started trials on RAS system in Vigyan ashram. In this trail we want to study scope and feasibility of high density fish farming in drought prone conditions like Pabal. In earlier trials of aquaponics,  maintaining required fish density and water quality parameters  were important challenge. By setting RAS we wish to overcome these challenges and converted  stystem further aquaponics farming. Please follow following link for details —

high density fish harvesting (1st month)


VA DIY Lab -Project Documentation

February 13, 2015

Some projects which comes under ‘Public needs’ and ‘Scrap Revolution’ terms done at Vigyan ashram’s  DIY Lab ,Pune by students.Go through links for more details.

1.Wireless Remote controller:

Generally we use wireless remote controllers in toys;Lets think  how we can use this remote controller for home automation ? This project explains you in better way how we did this. Please go through this link: Wireless Remote Controller

2.Laser Cutted Pen Stand: Design and print this model on laser cutter,for more details click here.

3.Table -chairs from scrap: Recyle your solid waste with making projects like this.For more details Click here.

4. Paper Stand from Pet Bottles: Reuse pet-bottels to avoid solid waste pollution.  Visit this link for more details :Paper stand

5. Sky lantern: Make and reuse plastic waste with making this . Go for more details: Sky lantern

6. T shirt printing: Lets print your T shirt at home.Click here for more details.

7. Automatic plant watering system : Please  go through this link for details Final project.


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