Aquaponics in India – Report on trial @ Vigyan ashram , Pabal ( Pune, India)

June 23, 2017

Vigyan ashram is working on aquaponics farming from past 2-3 years. Aim is to study technical & economical feasibility of this technology in Indian context. This report is about latest trial conducted during September 2016 to May 2017.

For details please veiw link –

Aquaponics trial report


Home Made Moringa Powder fortified cookies.

October 14, 2017

Dear viewers ,

Cookies can be healthy & taste. We are trying minor millets & moringa powder fortification at Vigyan ashram bakery. Please find detailed recipe –

Moringa powder fortified homemade cookies


Build your own – Hydroponics Fodder Unit

October 7, 2017

Dear viewers farmers thank you very much for over willing response for our video on youtube about advance fodder techniques. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs9SMOPDxrs)

We are getting lot on inquiries for more detailing on building hydroponics fodder unit. Please find attached bellow details in this regard. For any further details you can contact us on given details. Thanks

Hydroponics fodder  cultivation –Hydroponics fodder structure




Fabacademy 2017

August 26, 2017

Fab academy 2017 course conducted at Vigyan ashram Fablab from January 2017 to June 2017 for 6 months. On every Wednesday Lectures on  Fabacademy assignments taken by Dr. Neil [Founder, Fablab] across the world. 7 students from VA fablab participated in this out of that 5 got fabacademy diploma certificates. All they went through 19 weeks assignments on 2D/3D designing, printing, scanning, laser cutting , electronic processes, programming, molding -casting , Communication , Intellectual property etc. and one final project. They delivered project like Solar tracker, Gray water re treatment, Composite dome, Tool management system, Pineapple de-sheller etc.

More details of their project and assignment are here:   Vigyan ashram fablab 2017 archive


Trials on new model of sanitory pad incinerator

August 26, 2017

Page_0As a part of technology development for waste processing / recycling work, we at Vigyan ashram are working on development of technology for easy & safe disposal of sanitory pads & other medical waste.

In this work , a recent development is new model of sanitory pad recycler based on pyrolysis prociple.

New model is developed that uses pyrolysis to decompose sanitary napkins into hydrocarbon vapours and combustible gases along with some non-combustible gases and char. These vapours and gases are made to pass over high temperature electric coils (>500 degC) where they auto ignite in the presence of oxygen. The heat from the flames partially drives the pyrolysis of remaining sanitary pads. A smoke stack thermocouple sensor feeds back values to a PID controller implemented through a microcontroller to maintain proper pyrolysis and combustion conditions that result in a transparent flue gases exiting from the chimney.


This model / technic deferens in process of incineration than present available solution in market with following aspects –

  • A drying stage is implemented where the temperatures are kept near 120-200 deg C in the chamber containing the sanitary napkins. This step reduces energy consumption for incineration.
  • A separate process of pyrolysis is used where the chamber containing sanitary napkins is heated to above 300 degC. This process generates a steady stream of combustible pyrolysis vapours and gases. Due to Pyrolysis smoke emission is very less can compare to earlier models.
  • These gases further pass over the red hot electric coil where they flame and incinerate inside material.

These process are combined into a compact thermally insulated product which is controlled by a microcontroller system.

To achieve the desired low emission & energy use for incineration the following processes are required:

  • Using an electric coil generate high temperatures, around 500 degC.
  • Use the high temperatures to cause pyrolysis (begins above 300 deg C) of sanitary pad material and bodily wastes, decomposing them into hydrocarbon vapours and combustible gases (CO).
  • Ensure that HC and combustible gaseous fumes mix with sufficient air to produce lean or at the most stoichiometric ratio mixture.
  • Ensure that the gas mixture passes through the high temperature electric coils to result in autoignition and flaming reactions.
  • Harvest the exothermic heat from the combustion of pyrolysis gases to lessen the role of electric coil in the pyrolysis process.
  • Exit the combustion gases through a simple chimney.
  • Use a microcontroller to implement a PID controller for electric heater using flue gas temperatures as feedback.

Presently we are conduction field trial for this model & hopeful will be ready with marketable model in next 3-4 months.

FOr any further details please write us on vapabal@gmail.com



Trials on Dome Dryer

June 1, 2017

Trials started on  ’Dome Dryer’. Dome dryer is, dryer  based on natural air convention & dehumidification. This drying concept uses geodesic dome shape to generate natural air movement for faster drying. Initial trials ,showed that it can be effectively used in winter season  This dryer will be very useful for drying of high value fruits , vegetables & spices with maximum colour , flavours & nutritional value retention.

Initial trial have shown encouraging results on Mint leaves , ginger , onion etc. We are working on testing its effectiveness in different agro-climatice regions / seasons and standerdizing it for further dissemination.

Form more information please refer trial report –Dome dryer



Vigyan Ashram SUMMER Training Programs

April 15, 2017

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Vigyan Ashram announces short term training programs for SUMMER holidays during April – May 2017. We welcome individuals to show their passion for technology with hands on experience of CNC tools such as 3-D printer, Plasma-cutter, Modela Machine, Solidworks, Autocad. This is open opportunity, who see things differently and have potential to transform there ideas into reality. We are open source platform where Gender, Education, Age are only the numbers not the hurdles.

We are providing Incubation support to individuals who wants to start their enterprises through Entrepreneurship Development training Program and ONE year hand holding support for NEW STARTUPS.

For More details: http://www.vigyanashram.com

Write us on: vapabal@gmail.com or call +91-8109483130 / 9579734720