New Soil Analysis Facility

May 2, 2016

Vigyan ashram is please to announce availability of new advanced soil testing facility at Pabal campus. As farmers support program , now we have upgraded our soil and water (irrigation)analysis facility. A new digital soil analysis facility capable of testing 10 different soil parameters (pH , EC , Organic Carbon , Nitrogen , Phosphorus , Potash , Sulphar , Boron, Zinc and Iron)is made available for farmers.


Advanced fodder production Technics for Goat farming

May 2, 2016

On of 17th March, one day training workshop was conducted on “Advanced fodder production Technics in Goat farming’. For this training senor goat farming expert Dr.Avinash Dev (BAIF-Pune) was invited as guest lecturer. The training was aimed to promote advanced fodder technics like ‘Azolla cultivation”, “Hydroponics fodder”, “Dry Fodder treatment” and balance diet calculation technic among already established goat farmers. Total of 27 farmers from Pune, Satara, Thane , Solapur district attended this training.

For more details on these fooder production technics please contact Vigyan ashram (Pabal) @ ranajeetpallavi@gmail.com


Bike Mounted HTP sprayer…

February 5, 2016

Horizontal Triplex Pump (HTP) are common spraying pump used in agricultural. These pumps need electrical motor or petrol/diesel operated drive for spraying operations. Most of the time in agricultural filed these motorized facilities doesn’t available. Said HTP assembly designed for Bikes and it can be easily mounted and operated by regular motor bikes. With easy operation & mounting assembly this made easy to transport  adopt as independent venture. Video link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4bYHL_pj4g


IMG_2509Bike Mounted HTP developed under DST supported Core support and TIED (Preaj Foundation) project.

Bike mounted HTP sprayer


New Modified low cost terrace dryer ……

February 4, 2016

During 2015 summer, low cost terrace (Flat surface) solar dryer was fabricated in Vigyan ashram. Field trials showed that ,  dryer is very suitable for drying of leafy vegetables mainly fenugreek (Methi) , Spinach, Moringa leaves etc. This prototype unit, is now converted in to marketable product as per FPO (India) standers instructions while improving circulation and product hygiene standard’s .

This report includes new dryer’s specifications and common vegetable drying results conducted during January-2016 at Vigyan ashram, Pabal.



Design Innovation Center (DIC)

January 28, 2016

Vigyan Ashram and Savitribai Phule Pune University collaboratively started ‘Design Innovation Center’ at Pabal. The center is funded by MHRD as part of National Design Network.
What is DIC?
DIC will incubate ideas which are useful for society. Efforts will be made to convert these ideas into products. Requirement of users will be taken into account from the conceptualization of idea to making final products.
DIC wants to promote culture of design at college level. Our rural areas are facing with various development problems. These problems are great opportunities for creative minds. DIC aims at training youth to taken on these challenges and come out with useful solutions.

Focus area of DIC:
DIC @ Vigyan Ashram focuses on following areas:
1. Agriculture
2. Sensors technology
3. Computer graphics and product design
4. Environment and Watershed management
Who can join DIC program?
DIC is open for all individuals with prior permission and training. If you have a great idea or you are looking for technical solution for common problem facing society. DIC @ Vigyan Ashram is perfect place for you.
Facilities at DIC:
DIC is equipped with following facilities –
1) Workshop
2) Fab-Lab
3) Poly-house
4) Computer and Graphics lab
Functioning of DIC:
DIC functions though projects and design courses. These design courses offers students to learn ‘Design approach’ by ‘Learning while doing’.

DIC courses at Vigyan Ashram
VA is launching following 4 courses through Design Innovation Center:
1. Advanced and innovative techniques for Environment and watershed management.(6 months)
2. Advanced Techniques for improvement of Plant Growth and Health using soil Microorganisms(6 months)
3. Post Graduate Diploma in computer aided product Design(1 year)
4. Design and Development of signal conditioning and Sensor Technology (6 months)
Eligibility- Diploma or degree holder from any branch, L-4 certified, Second year Engineering college students, DBRT or pre- knowledge of specified course.

Benefits of DIC courses:
1. Students will learn practically and can acquire more skills
2. Students can develop their own firm
3. There will be more job opportunities due to acquired skills
4. Opportunity to work with industrial entrepreneur

1) Prosthetic hand:
Today current prosthetic hand which is available in market is developed using EMG Sensors which have certain limitations and are having limited working capability. Moreover, such prosthetic hands are not affordable.
So, in this project we are making a voice controlled prosthetic hand which overcome the limitations of current prosthetic hand and having 80% less price as compare to current prosthetic hand.
2) Fencing for animals:
In villages there are lots of problems due to pigs as they are destroying crops. By the observation we came to know that pigs are afraid of light.
So we plan make a lighting device which will detect the pig and then it will flash the light which will result to get away them.
3) Developing App for entrepreneurs:
This app will help entrepreneurs to keep altogether easy records of his work. Also this app will help them to calculate an appropriate estimate, budget, and costing, actual expenses of his specific project’s work. Also it will give an easy access to reach their customers.
To get the admissions please contact:
Vigyan Ashram, Pabal
Tal. Shirur, Dist. Pune-412 403
Email Id: vapabal@gmail.com
Contact Person:
Mr. Ranajeet Shanbhag – 9579734720
Ms. Supriya Kadam – 9527310383


Poultry Egg Incubation – A Rural Enterprise – Training under Core support program

January 27, 2016

Vigyan ashram , Conducted 1 day training workshop on’ Poultry Egg Incubator – A Rural Enterprise’ under DST- Core support program.

  • Vigyan ashram’s ‘Domestic Egg Incubator ‘ Technology is available in 100 to 1000 egg capacity and becoming very popular in farmers.
  • 36 Farmers and 12 poultry training students from Balarampur district of Chhattisgarh state attended this training.

Farmers present for Poultry Egg incubator training

For more details on training please follow link-Poultry Egg Incubation – Training




CCTV Camera with Pi Cam

January 5, 2016

2015-11-06 15.49.33

Now days in market we will get many commercialize CCTV camera with lot of features but in Vigyan Ashram FAB LAB we made simple and low cost DIY CCTV camera with Raspberry Pi board.

With this project you will get learning experience and you can control your room, home, offices and shops in your absence too.

This camera assembly printed on 3D printer machine with ABS material at FAB LAB Vigyan Ashram.

More info click here

2015-11-06 15.27.14


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