DBRT Admision open

May 18, 2016

Dear Friends ,

Vigyan ashram is pleased to announce opening of admission for its various courses for 2016-17.

We are offering following courses :–

1) “Diploma in Basic Rural Technology” , Entry Qualification : VIII std. / 15 years of age

Duration : 1 year , Certified by National Institute of Open Schooling

[ Course is mainly for youth who want to become entrepreneur & eager ‘Learn while Doing’]

More information on : http://vigyanashram.com/Inner/InnerPages/RDES_DBRT.aspx

Va DBRT Part-1 Info (1)

2) Design Innovation Center – Course on Design and innovation for undergraduate / graduate / post graduate students. Courses in the areas of i) Product Design ii) Sensor Technology iii) Water & Waste Management iv) Agri & Plant growth

Course certified by Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU).

Duration : 6 months, Details available on : http://vigyanashram.com/Inner/InnerPages/DIC.aspx

3) Short term courses : Recognised by Agriculture Sector skills council

i) Green house operator (L3) ii) Broiler Farm Supervisor (L5) iii)Micro Irrigatin Technician (L4) iv) Tractor operator (L4) v) Food processing vi) Composting

4) Beside this Vigyan Ashram offers various courses on Engineering / Energy and renewable energy.

I request you to please provide this information to potential candidates and contact us on following numbers for for more information.

Contact Person for admission: DBRT admission : Vishal Jagtap : 973005025

For DIC admission : Dr.Subir : 07758072698, Mr. Ranjeet Shanbag : 0 957 973 4720

Contact : Director, Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni : 0 973 000 5016

Thanking you,

Dr.Yogesh Kulkarni
Vigyan Ashram
At.Post.Pabal Dist.Pune 412403
Ph + 91 – 973 – 000 – 5016


Availability of 3D scanner

May 10, 2016

Vigyan ashram is please to announce availability of 3D scanner  in fab lab at vigyan ashram pabal.Scanner is useful to bring the physical world into our design environment.  With 3D scanning systems we can do reverse engineering solutions, we can 3D scan virtually anything, and create intelligent models that let we not only recreate existing objects, but improve them and design around them.know more about 3d scanner


Solar Basundi Maker

May 10, 2016

Objective –

To change the milk’s form, from liquid to viscous by automatic stirring ,using solar energy from parabolic reflector.It will reduce fuel and human drudgery.Basundi is one of the sweet dish, it’s very popular sweet dish in all over India and it is made by adding the sugar into dense milk.We have to stir and observe continuously for condensation of milk so it requires lot of efforts and time.


               liquid milk                                                                   viscous milk

we observed-

That if we use parabolic reflector for cooking then its cause to save fuel and it is low cost concentrator.But it is not possible to cook on parabolic reflector by standing in front of that continuously as it creates heat and the rays reflected from its surface can injure our eyes.So automation is require to avoid that problem.

Today’s  market condition –

Machine available in market for this process has facility to stir continuous but one person is needed for observing the state of milk.There is no such a machine in market which uses solar reflection heat for this  process and there is no machine which indicates the dense state of milk

Change due to Basundi maker

This machine can make basundi easily without giving your time for all process and it will reduce fuel cost.Just start machine and forget it, machine will automatically give alarm when your Basundi will get ready

Input-Load sensor or level sensor or current sensor with stir assembly

Output – machine will give alarm when milk will convert to viscous form.


Need one pot. Put 5ltr milk into pot add stir and switch on the supply then stirring will get start and then leave it,

because due to stirring process and continuous heating, milk will become dense .Sensor will recognize the state of milk.When density will reach to required point then buzzer will be blown.

for more information click here


Rangoli making machine

May 5, 2016

We have decided to make Rangoli making machine.Rangoli is a art in which granular flour of marble is used to draw picture and different designs. In India it is tradition to draw rangoli on special occasions.

In India early in the morning people showers water on floor in front of house and draws Rangoli. Specially ladies does this task. But now a days there are professional artist who makes beautiful rangolies too. Makgin a rangoli consumes significant amount of time if there is no practice also it is a part of skill.

Everybody wants to draw beautiful Rangoli in front of their house but most of the time ,due to scarcity of time they unable to do so.So we decided and started to work on this .All updates are available on this page : Rangoli making machine


Go through here video link: Rangoli making machine video



Wireless Remote Controller

May 5, 2016

Normally in our day to day life we lead towards automating things. Using different types of sensors we can easily count any parameters and keep a data log for analysis. Likewise somehow we require automation to operate our home appliances without any physical efforts e.g. to turn on fan with wireless remote. With this inspiration I made this project to automate electrical home appliances with wireless remote. As we know RF based wireless remotes are generally used in toys. Here this system controls output load connected to it consisting RF transmitter and RF receiver pair. As name suggest RF transmitter uses radio frequency of 434 MHz band to communicate with maintaining specific baud rate .This RF module available ready-made in market which makes this circuit reliable to make .

Go with this link for more details:

Wireless remote controller PDF


Polyhouse precision monitoring system

May 5, 2016

It’s a electronic controlling device that monitors poly house parameters that mainly affects on crops. Mainly it contains controller and sensory part that operates output devices like motors, Exhaust fans, fan pad assembly etc.Sensory part includes temperature -humidity sensor,soil moisture sensor and light intensity sensors &

according to the values of these sensors micro controller operates output devices that keeps all these parameters in control as per crop.


FabEd Camp -2016

May 5, 2016

Vigyan ashram Fablab organised this residential camp in between 2-4 May 2016 to introduce digital fabrication tools to the students. This contains mainly 3D printing, Laser cutting, Arduino Programming, Molding -casting and brainstorming sessions. Focus is mainly students replicate their ideas using digital tools to solve social/personal problems.12 students taken part in this and enjoyed fab-things.



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