The FabLab

October 5, 2009

The FabLab at Vigyan Ashram is the first one outside of MIT – in effect, making us the grand-daddy of all FabLabs. More about FabLabs in general can be found on the MIT-CBA page at http://fab.cba.mit.edu

The FabLab at Vigyan Ashram has a team of 3 full-time employees, in addition to many collaborators and associates for a wide variety of projects. We have a Torchmate router, an Epilog Laser-cutter, 2 Roland sign cutters, and 2 Roland 3-axis milling machines, in addition to a variety of other tools.

The Lab has multiple functions: As a community lab, where DBRT students and local school-children are given their first taste of digital fabrication; and as a technology development centre, to develop products aimed at under-served segments. They will be covered in coming posts.

The FabLab team is composed of (full-time staff):
Yogesh Kulkarni (Executive Director, Vigyan Ashram)
Rohan Choukkar (Program Officer and Lab Co-ordinator)
Vinayak Dharmadhikari (Electronics Engineer)
Apeksha Bochare (Instructor/ Computer Technician)


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