AFP: Open-field trial begins

December 2, 2009

Open-field trials for Zeba have begun at VA’s Pabal campus. Ranajeet Shanbag (Programme Officer – Agriculture) has selected Cabbage (type: Centra) for conducting this trial. Planting was done on the 25th of November, 2009.

Transplanting was done on flat bed by giving azotobacter treatment to all seedlings. Vemicompost is also added to all plots as a basal dose @ 100 Kg /plot . All plots will be watered with drip irrigation system as per crop requirement. Further organic doses for Zeba+ Organic plot will be given as per requirements.

Some details:

  1. Plot size: 132 sq ft (11 ft * 12 ft)
  2. Randomized Block Design, 4 replications
  3. Spacing: 45*45 cm
  4. Plant Population: 49 plants/ plot (132 sq ft)
  5. Recontaminated Fertilizer Dose: 80:80:80 (N:P:K


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