Visiting Vigyan Ashram

December 18, 2009

Vigyan Ashram is located at Pabal, about 70 km (a two-hour drive) north of Pune. There are various ways to get to Vigyan Ashram. Bus connectivity from Pune is reasonably good.

If you have your own vehicle, you could take the Pune-Nashik highway up to Rajgurunagar and turn off onto the Rajgurunagar-Pabal road. Alternatively, you could take the Pune-Ahmednagar road up to Shikrapur and join the Shikrapur-Pabal road. Pabal is approximately 20 kms from both Rajgurunagar and Shikrapur. Vigyan Ashram is located on a hillock, approximately 1.5 kms from Pabal’s main bus stand. Look for a hillock with cellphone towers and an overhead water tank as a marker, it is fairly prominent.

If you plan to use public transport, buses from Pune ply to Rajgurunagar and Shikrapur. You can either use the inter-city ST (State Transport) buses or intra-city PMPML (Pune city public transport) buses. Shuttle buses from Rajgurunagar to Pabal ply every 30 minutes from the Rajgurunagar ST depot. Similarly, shuttle buses from Shikrapur ply every hour.In case you need them, shared jeep transport can also be used.

To visit, you may call up Mr. Anand Gosavi for details. He can be reached at +91-9960865463. The Pabal campus can also be reached at +91-2138 (STD code) – 292326.


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  1. i had visited va last yr,when i was in pune,no. of science projects i had seen there it was very good.

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