Domestic egg incubator ( second trial )

May 17, 2010

  • Second batch of trial on the domestic egg incubator conducted from 10th March – 31st March 2010.
  • For the second trial we experimented with the batch strength of 68 eggs.

  • Out of 68 eggs( RIR) , 62 eggs got hatched on 20th day of the trial itself.
  • Net success rate of 91.2% was achieved during this trial. ( Industrial hatcheries best result would be 60-75%)
  • Out of unhatched 6 eggs , 5 were not develoed and one was underdeveloped.

  • Total energy consumed : 36 units ie . Rs 119 for the entire batch ( 21 days)

  • Chicks are healthy & active.

  • Next task is to design the system to maintain the parmeters using the solar.



  1. I am looking for the price on small ecubator for chiks

  2. I am looking for the price on small ecubator for chiks

    please replay
    Ramalingeswara Rao

  3. Dear,

    It seems good, and intested to explore further about it functionality and other controls.

    Looking for your quick feedback.


  4. Eggs incubators in Kenya


  5. Dear,
    Good day. Hope are you in good health. I watch and read your incubator project. This project is very nice and hatchebility 91 %. Its very good result. I made a incubator project But success rate very poor. I dont know how the problem. I am share and corresponding with you. How to improve my success hatchability. Pls send to your email number. Than share to experience. My email sbordhan@yahoo.com . God bless you. Thanks.

  6. It is so cool to see an egg incubator in action. It is incredible to see how successful an egg incubator can be. If you do it correctly it can be a great experience at home especially with a family. It is incredible to see the success rate you are having. That is impressive.

  7. what about the result.Are you ready for sale.What would be the price.please contact 9497324481

    • Hello sir,
      We successfully completed solar egg incubator (500 egg) trial with 69 % incubation rate.
      Product is ready for sale with following price details-
      1000 Egg grid powered (without inverter back-up) – Rs.85000.00
      1000 Egg grid power + inverter back-up – Rs. 98000.00
      500 Egg grid power (without inverter) – Rs. 56000.00 ( for inverter Rs.22000.00 extra)
      500 Egg solar power (with 250 lit water heater) – Rs.70000.00

      For further details please contact Mr.Anil Gadhe @ 09922162029.

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