Apeculture (Honey Bee Keeping ) training……………….

May 31, 2010

Apeculture is good and assured  allied business of agriculture sector . It give good income in less cost but also increasing yield by increasing pollination . But still India it is much neglected sector . One of the major reason for this is unavibality of techno know how.Keeping all this in mind we arrenged two day training sesion at VA on 18th and 19th April 2010 . Mr.Vijay Mahajan well known specialist in this business from talegaon dabhade . First day he covered theory part and on second day practically he showed how to handle honey bees and how to harvest it.

Now at VA we having one unit of Apeculture and can provide detailed training of this for SHG’s / Farmers /enter-pruners.



  1. Nice to see kids getting involved. Beekeeping as been around for hundreds of years. Nature natural sweetness, honey, everyone loves it.

  2. kindly provide the details of Honey bee Forming, as we need to arrange / Attend the Honey Bee Farming training.

  3. Sir, i m interested in practicle beekeping, pls suggest.
    my email bansimail@gmail.com

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