Report- Practical training on the construction of Geodesic dome.

October 20, 2010

Course: Practical training on the construction of geodesic dome.

Date: 11th Oct – 15th Oct 2010.

Training Organizer: Anil.Joshi

Experts From Outside: Mr/ Kasim . Bhai . Inamdar ( Dome kit expert , from Pabal)

Mr. Asholchand . Mathur(Freelancer in domes & papercrete tech)

Experts from In-house: Mr. Laxman. P. Jadhav ( Dy. Principal DBRT , VA , Pabal)

Topics covered during the training:

  • Introduction to VA & its philosophy,
  • Introduction to Domes & Buckminster Fuller
  • Introduction to Basic Dome Kit
  • Designing of dome( depends on the diameter)
  • Foundation basics & circle marking
  • Assembly of Dome structure.
  • Facilitation of doors , windows , ventilators
  • Reinforcement, shattering, plastering etc

  • Dome costing
  • Aesthetics , interiors, joints, partitions & fitments
  • Business opportunities on dome construction.

Participants Details :

  • Sachin.Joshi ( Krishna Foundation)
  • Sagar . Bhosle ( SSY Srirampur center)
  • Sannubhai. Sangada( ACF “Ambuja Cement Foundation” Gujarat)
  • Mansinh. Parmar ( ACF “Ambuja Cement Foundation” Gujarat)
  • Ram.Teke ( Chnadrapur , Pharmacist)
  • Jayendra . Pande ( IBT Chikhalgaon

Outcome of the training;

  • Sagar bhosle , ram teke, sachin Joshi are ready to build the domes at their place.
  • Jayendra pande is ready to build for IBT school
  • They want to be part of dome research in future days.

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