Solar Egg Incubator’s Success Trial ( 85% success Result)

November 11, 2010

The first trail on the electrial egg incubation unit was mainly to get the required parameters like temperature & humidity to hatch the eggs need to be monitored for 21 days. The first trial showed 100deg F ( dry bulb) & 85-87deg F ( dry bulb). The main objective of the next trial was to operate the entire unit on solar application. The priciple of closed heat exchanger with fixed quantity of hot water circulation was adopted in the system to maintain the above mentioned parameter in the incubation chamber using the solar energy.

In the month of September 2010 the 3rd trial was not succesful because of the uneven change in the parameters like temp & humidity. Due to which the trial was stopped .Again the desired changes were made to monitor the parameters closely. This time the rail ( 4th trial started on 7th of Oct) , everything went well . 20 eggs were kept on trial basis, Anil.Gadhe monitored the entire period closely ( even in night) . At last the system incubated 17 chicks successfully out of 20. We got 85% of success rate . The experiment showed the parameters 100deg F dry temp & 87 deg F we bulb can be generated and monitored using the closed water circulation heat exchanger . The method what thought at the time of applying the provisional patent application . Now the same system is working using the gas stove ( due to the non availability of the solar energy for heating at the time of trial). The concept of hatching of eggs by hot liquid circulation was proved experimentally ( The idea was applied for the provisional patent ). Now the next stage is to run same unit using solar water heating application.




  1. Totally cool! Now go get that Provisional Patent.. Click on my name to get a video course on the subject and get an NDA so you can sell it to the Petaluma CHicken Ranches, the biggest in CA! Good Luck!

  2. Congrats on your success! But please, if you apply for a patent, make sure to dedicate it (make it public domain) once it is granted. Patents stifle innovation, despite the good intentions. They only serve the big companies that have enough money to keep the little players out.

  3. I am glad to know that your research project on makeing a Photovoltaic Egg incubator has been successful with 85% efficiency.

    Is it ready to make it commercial? If it is so, how much would be the cost?

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  4. Dear sir,

    i am very intersted in your idea for solar egg incubators
    i spent 3 months ago to prepare a trial sample of solar incubators in egypt
    in egypt the wheather is hot in almost times in the year
    so the sun is very important to be avalable at least 10 months per year

    please inform me about the parameters controlls

    ( temperature humidity and light
    can you use the solar panel for this

    thank you
    best regards
    youssef ramadan
    mobile 0020103933148

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  6. hello sir.i am a student of mechanical engineering in Nigeria.i am working on a project very smilar to this.your guidance would be highly neeed.thanks tayotall@gmail.com

    • Hi Tayo, Thank you very much on your feedback. If you can specify your query / need it will be helpful for us to work-on. You can also share your project concept name for better understanding.

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