INDUSA Solar Kitchen Equipements Installation & commissioning

December 12, 2010

At last nature cooperated and cleared the climate.From Dec 1 to Dec 5 ,2010 the long awaited INDUSA solar installation & commissioning was done successfully. Presently following equipements are  installaed  & commissioned. All the equipments are working nicely.This would have been not happened without the mutual co- ordination of the INDUSA initiatives .

Following are the instruments installed & commissioned .

1.Solar scheffler concentrator with 500Ltr water heating jacket

2. Solar batch drier

3.Prince 40( Parabolic cooker)

4. 500Ltr insulated tank for continuous hot water supply.

5 Scheffler cooking cabinet with stove.



  1. If photos of the equipment are put up with titles, it would help understanding what the equipment looks like and how it is expected to function.

  2. Interesting work.
    Being mechanical engineer,i am interested to involve in such activities.
    Rupali Patil

  3. Congratulations for excellent job.

    Ashok Kalbag already posted comments I wanted to make.

    INDUSA will support VA if they decide to use available alternate energy sources to test the Stirling Engine being developed in bangalore.

    Keep up the good work

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