February 1, 2011



THE PAPER CRETE PROJECT – It envolves ‘ paper crete’, an alternative material for concrete used for construction which includes

some adhesive & paper defibers as main constituent. The second one is of Paper Crete Machine which is also developed here to

produce or to defibre the scrap or rag papers & old magazine papers. The Bricks & slabs developed is having some good propertises

like hardness, water absorbency,compressibility etc.which is on going testing process. At some extent the  product have same strength

as compare to general brick































  1. […] In Vigyan Ashram, they’re experimenting with using agri- and urban waste in composite materials as well. Instead of a mycelium matrix, they are using concrete, hoping to use the bricks for weather proofing and structural load. One of the names they have for it is Papercrete. […]

  2. Interesting.
    Would be interested in further experimenting on this…
    Can you please tell the way forward?

    C. Balachandran

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