MIT-COEP design Innovation Workshop-Pune(24 -28Jan,2011)

February 2, 2011

The MIT Media Lab and the College of Engineering, Pune  hosted  the first Design & Innovation workshop in Pune, India on 24-28 January, 2011. This workshop aims to engage and inspire students across all disciplines in Indian universities in inventing the future. The week-long workshop have engaged students in ideation, design, and implementation of prototypes together with Media Lab and local mentors.

Mr.Vinayak Dharmadhikari form Vigyan Ashram represented on behalf of Fablab for this workshop.There were several tracks included in this event to engage the students for their innovations.Students from various engineering colleges participated to present the new innovations.

The 5 day workshop was jointly organised by COEP and MIT-media lab on various  platforms like-

1.Living Mobile

2.Hacking pixels

3.Media recrafted

4.Living with machines

The instructors for this workshop were from MIT-media lab, and India.

for more information please refer to –



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