One day brain storming session on Work Centric Education …………..

December 8, 2011

One 13th of November, one day brain storming session was organized on Work Centric Education by VA & Avkash Nirmity, Pune. Role of Education, Present missing links in Educational system, Future Educational Policies, Role of VA and society were the few topics discussed in detailed. Documentaries of Vigyan ashram, Srujan Vidyalaya- Kolhapur and interview of Shri.Anil Sadgopal were also seen and discussed on the \same day. Following members were present for this session as-

1  All staff members from VA.

2 Shri.Samir Shipurkar.

3  Shri.Amitraj Deshmukh.

4 Sou.Swapnali Patil.

5 Sou.Chaya Goltgaonkar.

6 Mis.Shilpa Ballal.

7  Sou.Radhika Murty.

8  Shri.Aditya Atle.

9  Miss.Joyti Kulkarni.


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