2W Solar Charger

May 28, 2012

AA and AAA batteries are commonly used as power source with small footprint devices. Here at Vigyan Ashram, a charging device, sourcing itself from a 2W Solar Panel has been developed. One LM 317 voltage regulator, a 2W solar panel, a resistance of a few ohms and connecting wires form the material set. Rechargeable batteries need around 10% of its current capacity to recharge. More than 10% will recharge the battery faster. Hence, a AAA battery with 600mA capacity, needs 60mA current to get recharged.



  1. What is cost of 2W solar charger.

    I want to say something about solar system that if you make a solar system like that we could glow up light in day directly from solar panel . Means one light combine with solar panel. only for day….
    (light bulb in which small solar panel is attached like 2W/1W/.5W solar panel.)

  2. Great job…

  3. You need to provide the following for students to benefit:
    1. BOM
    2. Electronic Diagram
    3. Costing of the BOM


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