Aquaponics trial update ………..

September 22, 2012

We have started fresh trial on Aquaponics experiment, considering learnings from earlier trials. This document will discus  all details about this trial –

Aquponics Trial



  1. Sir
    The write up was good. Do you permit visitors to have a look.
    Thanks & Regards

    • Hello sir,
      Thank you very much for visiting your our blog and comment.
      You can visit any time to our organization ( Saturday weekly off) to know more about our work.
      If you can share your purpose of showing interest in Aquaponics ( or any other technology) on our blog that will be great for us in further communication.
      Thank you.

      • Sir
        I thank you for your prompt reply. I am doing organic farming. I am interested to know about aquaponics and hydroponics and whether this type of agriculture can be done in the organic way. People nowadays are slowly becoming organic conscious. Anything That is done by you/ your institute to help me understand Hydroponics cultivtion would be much appreciated. In the same manner if i get any information on organic pesticides i would be thankful.

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