Solar Street lamp Installation & Maintenance Manual

May 16, 2013

A manual was design for the installation & maintenance of solar street lamp.The purpose of this manual is to train rural youths so that they can install,maintain & repair solar street lamp themselves and by means of this they can start earning  at their place itself. This manual is going to used by different trainers across Maharashtra state.One work shop was also done succesfully by Vigyan Ashram in the Selu village of Wardha dist.

Manual contains following things like:

  • The basics of solar energy,
  • Tools & components required for installation & maintenance,
  • Calculation for finding load,battery capacity& solar power,
  • Installation process & steps of maintenance.

Apart from this it also contain the information about the different types of solar energy based devices.

Please follow the link for manual

सौर पथदिवे यंत्रणा V_2(a)

Solar Installation Manual


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