VA DIY Lab -Project Documentation

February 13, 2015

Some projects which comes under ‘Public needs’ and ‘Scrap Revolution’ terms done at Vigyan ashram’s  DIY Lab ,Pune by students.Go through links for more details.

1.Wireless Remote controller:

Generally we use wireless remote controllers in toys;Lets think  how we can use this remote controller for home automation ? This project explains you in better way how we did this. Please go through this link: Wireless Remote Controller

2.Laser Cutted Pen Stand: Design and print this model on laser cutter,for more details click here.

3.Table -chairs from scrap: Recyle your solid waste with making projects like this.For more details Click here.

4. Paper Stand from Pet Bottles: Reuse pet-bottels to avoid solid waste pollution.  Visit this link for more details :Paper stand

5. Sky lantern: Make and reuse plastic waste with making this . Go for more details: Sky lantern

6. T shirt printing: Lets print your T shirt at home.Click here for more details.

7. Automatic plant watering system : Please  go through this link for details Final project.


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