Rice De-husking machine – Lab trial report

February 25, 2015

As a part of technology development for producing brown rice at domestic level, we successfully completed lab trial. The said machine is motorized with 10 Kg/ Hr de-husking capacity. This machine is very useful for Rice growing Farmers, SHGs , rural youth for starting domestic level brown rice production. For details on lab trial please follow link given below –
rice de-husking lab-trial report

Rice- De-husking machine video — https://www.youtube.com/watchv=6E0yiQN6438&feature=youtu.be



  1. Congratulations to the team work and spirit of self reliance. I am a Journalist based at Hyderabad. Pl send original photos used in this Rice De-husking machine lab trial report. I will mention your organisation details and contacts. So that health conscious people on brown rice will purchase this machine and benefit.
    warm regards

    • Hello sir,
      Thank you very much for appreciating our work. I will send you all details and original photographs on your mail soon. Please note that we have completed lab trials of this equipment, but still work on nutritional analysis , commercial out of machine etc is pending. So we are not in position of making any claim for it. Once again thank for your comment.

      • Dear sir thank you very much for feedback.
        We have build marketable (improved) version of the machine and selling it commercial scale.
        For details and cost please contact Mr.Anil Gadhe @ 09922162029/09028730789

  2. Hi sir,
    OK. As of know you have developed prototype only. Seeing for commercial contacts.. wright?

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