Rural Technology trasfer through formal Educational system.

March 20, 2015

Vigyan ashram is working on dissemination of various appropiate rural technologies through   a formal educational system programme -Introduction to Basic Tecnhology (IBT) . Presently IBT programme is been implementaed in 5 states inclusing Maharashtra , Chhattisgarh, Karanatka, Gao, AP with more than 130 school.

In the month of February , PSSCIVE Bhopal held a conference on  “Emerging Trends of TVET vision-2015 “. Vigyan ashram presented IBT model of education in this conference and presented 2 papers on it. Following are the paper presented in the coference as –

Paper 1 –

Tiltle : – Keys to success of skills training in schools : Multi-skill Training and Community Services (Vigyan Ashram Experience)

Presented by – Dr.Yogesh Kulkarni

Paper link – Paper TVET in schools – Yogesh Kulkarni

Paper 2 –

Title:- Open Education Resources (OERs) for improving quality of skills training in secondary schools

Presented by – Ranajeet Shanbhag

Paper link- Paper- OER for skill training in secondary school

In addition to this Mr.Nazrul Haque (from PES Engineering College, Electronic City, Bangalore)- also presented his study on Vigyan ashram’s – Diploma In Basic Rural Technology (DBRT), NIOS supported skill training course in non-formal mode of education with his paper titleed as – Skilling for a Better Life.


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