Heat Retention Box

May 11, 2015

Idea is to make heat retention cooking box. Heat-retention cooking saves cooking fuel because after food has been heated to cooking temperature, it is placed into an insulated box where it will continue to cook until it is done. Retained-heat cooking is often introduced along with solar cooking since it further reduces the use of traditional fuels such as firewood and the use of this method allows much more food to be cooked each day in a solar cooker. This method of cooking is also known as retained-heat cooking, fireless cooking, hay box cooking, or wonder box cooking. Even it stays hot for hours. Heat retention box have been made using hay, straw, wool, feathers, cotton, rice hulls, cardboard, aluminum foil, Inside I made this on Shopboot machine.

Above are some sample pictures of heat retention box, as per this I am going to make this heat retention box as ‘lunch box’ to students for mid day meal which will be hygienic and safe for students also it will give cooking experience to students on solar energy. Actually in India we have mid day meal concept in every government school but after many surveys it has proved that, the food made school been very unhygienic and not cooked properly. So I did following design for heat retention (lunch) box. Inside 3box can be placed easily. Its somehow like our regular lunchbox. I am going to made this on Shopboot machine.

I did my press fit design for shop boot machine in Inkscape software.For proto testing I cut sample on card bard on laser machine and plywood and this box filled thermocol + rice husk.

For more info click here Heat rentention box

Print file design design HT

HT Box


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