May 27, 2015

Hydroponics fodder can be grown in low cost greenhouses with locally available grains. Production of hydroponics fodder in low cost greenhouses is an effective solution for fodder scarcity and is a very promising technology for sustainable livestock production in different regions of India.



Green fodders are staple feed for dairy animals. Dairy animals producing up to 5-7 litters’ milk per day can be maintained exclusively by feeding green fodders. Hydroponic farming is the art of growing plants without the use of soil. This technology is old as history.

  • Vigyan ashram, Pabal has developed Geodesic dome structures which is easy to build and low cost structure, having very good structural strength.
  • By utilising those dome we grown- hydroponics green fodder.


To know more about this please click the link:Hydroponics


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