New Modified low cost terrace dryer ……

February 4, 2016

During 2015 summer, low cost terrace (Flat surface) solar dryer was fabricated in Vigyan ashram. Field trials showed that ,  dryer is very suitable for drying of leafy vegetables mainly fenugreek (Methi) , Spinach, Moringa leaves etc. This prototype unit, is now converted in to marketable product as per FPO (India) standers instructions while improving circulation and product hygiene standard’s .

This report includes new dryer’s specifications and common vegetable drying results conducted during January-2016 at Vigyan ashram, Pabal.




  1. Dear friend,. I Couldn’t see any thing, please look into the subject. thanks, regards, rangaganessan

    On 4 February 2016 at 17:07, Vigyan Ashram(DST Core supported) Blog wrote:

    > Vigyan Ashram (DST core supported blog) posted: “New low cost solar dryer > developed at Vigyan ashram , Pabal. For more information on this please > refer following link – NEW MODIFIED OPEN TERRACE SOLAR DRYER ” >

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