Learning Science through innovation..

July 18, 2016

2016-07-06 16.44.22

This report is about the residential workshop on ‘Learning Science through Innovation’ conducted for Secondary school (9th class) students. 40 students and 10 teachers (Science and mathematics) from rural and tribal schools of Maharashtra used facility and had guidance at IISER (Indian Institute science education research) Pune, held on 4 July 2016 to 8 July 2016.

In this 5 days workshops Vigyan Ashram have arranged talks for students which inspired students and motivate them and help to generating creative ideas, research methodology, mathematical tricks, necessity of record keeping, how ideas get converted to products.

Pradnya Shindekar and Ganesh Pingale conducted this camp this is specially base on STEM education (Science, Technology, Maths, and Engg )methodology,after this workshop students get learn and they will understand science, mathematics methodology by hands on activity or experimenting by projects, innovation.Under this workshop students got aware about GPS system latitude measurement as well as how to predict weather and pollution level in their regions.

They have started documention and record keeping of their work by photo, video or blog,few examples as per below..

Chikhalgaon – http://ibtltv-chikhalgaon.blogspot.in/

Asade – http://ibtsvvasade.blogspot.in/

Satara – http://ibtpaessatara.blogspot.in/

Khiroda – http://ibtdnvk.blogspot.in/


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