“Made In Pabal” DC Laser cutter & Wood router

March 30, 2018

Its our pleasure to install digital DC laser cutter and Wood router machines at Lokmanya Vidya Mandir , IBT School at Chikhalgaon (Tal-Dapoli , Dist- Ratnagiri , Maharashtra).

These CNC machines are MADE IN Fab-Lab , Pabal by our Fab engineers Ms.Supriya Kadam and Mr. Suhas Labde.

Specifications of these machines are as below –

DC Laser cutter –

  • This laser can work with 0.3 mm precision and can cut or engrave up to 1.5 mm depth.
  • Operate on DC hence no need to worry about earthing & fluctuating power supply.
  • Cut cardboard and paper , therefore useful for school students projects.

Digital wood router –

  • It is a wood milling machine with work bed area : 600 cm X 600 cm (machine footprint:  800 cm X800 cm)  , machine accuracy : Properly tuned and calibrated machine will get resolution up to  0.075 mm to 0.13mm
  • It works with  Arduino Mega with GRBL Installed and Input Voltage : 220VAC-240VAC  (Spindle :  Power : 500 W ,Speed without load : 30,000 rpm)

These 2 machines are part of Rural School based digital fabrication (Fab Lab) establishment of project under “The 2017 Chevron STEM Education Award”. 


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