Build your own – Braille Printer

October 19, 2018

braillerap-v2Braille printing (embossing) is time consuming process but very much needed one! Thanks new technology interventions like CNC , 3D printing which are right their to impact it for easing it. Now its our tern to make it much simpler and DIY form and reach to masses in cost effective way.

FABLAB @ VA has tried to adopt it and make easy for DIY explorers. Here is our first hand experience on making of Braille printer at Pabal. Its under trial at movement but we would like to here from you if you wish to adopt it !

BrailleRapSP is a machine which is piloted in G-CODE, to emboss braille it is necessary first of all to translate the text in Braille. There are 2 solutions to translate Braille: The BrailleRap application online https://crocsg.github.io/BrailleRap/ The NatBraille application http://natbraille.free.fr

For further details please visit – https://avinashpudale.wordpress.com/braille-printer-2/



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