Autofarm – A real time Soil moisture, Temperature, Humidity monitor for farmers

February 16, 2019

Auto Farm  :  A controller for precision agriculture. 

Problem being address : 

Its important if we monitor major parameters like Temperature, Soil moisture, Humidity inside poly house for better plant health and growth. Devices available in market to monitor all those are expensive – having modules for each parameter with individual cost and made for large scale farming. For small scale farmers with limited annual income needs such device in low cost to increase crop yield and income.

Features : 

  • Controls Temperature , Humidity and Soil moisture parameters
  • Data will get on Mobile via Bluetooth.
  • Available for single phase and Three phase application.
  • Low cost, easy to operate & maintains.

Technical specifications : 

  • Customised Temperature and Humidity sensor with higher accuracy
  • Operating Voltage : 12VDC -1 amp , External Source : 230+- 10 VAC
  • Weight : 500 gms , Size : 145mm X 190mm
  • Rust free Soil moisture sensor cable length: 5 meter.
  • Data availability on Mobile Distance: 100 meter maximum.
  • Re programmable as per crop.



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