CNC Router machine

June 21, 2019


We’re developing new CNC router machine as machines available in market are not affordable for schools, colleges and Tinkering labs those having budget constraints, also wood workers/ carpenter’s needs these type of machines in low cost. Under Fablab 2.0 concept Machine that can make machines we used Fablab machines to develop this machine and soon our one of student starting his own startup in this.

Machine features :

  • Uses open source Hardware and software with modifications.
  • Possible customization as per applications and requirements.
  • Low cost compare to market with better quality.
  • Mobile , PC and SD card interface, user friendly .

Technical specifications

  • Machine area : 800mm X800 mm  
  • Working Area : 600 mm X 600 mm (Available in different size)
  • Spindle speed : 30000 RPM  Bosch router
  • Operating Voltage: 230+-10 VAC and 5VDC for control unit.  
  • Materials : Wood, Acrylic, Aluminium (6mm) and any soft material
  • Open source software : GRBLGRU, modifications possible.

Machine video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcJZFSGYceM

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