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Technology Incubation and Entrepreneurship development …….

May 7, 2015

Vigyan ashram aims to incubate technology based rural enterprise  with RDES philosophy (

With this regard Vigyan ashram works in development , adopt and dissemination various appropriate technologies. We also provide skill training in formal and non-formal mode. ( please visit to know more about various projects). In addition to this Vigyan ashram has also started providing hand-holding support to its students/alumni for establishing rural start-ups.

The hand-holding support includes start to end consultation (including various hard & soft skills training), micro-finance , marketing etc.

This rural start-ups initiatives are supported by National Science & technology Entrepreneurship Development Board ( AND Praj Foundation, Pune.

With Praj foundation support we are also providing Fellowship (6 Months ) for rural entrepreneurs which includes 6 months in-house training , 1 year on-field enterprise establishment support with micro-finance and marketing linkages.

For updates on entrepreneurs and this program please visit –


Open house exihibition on 30th July ……….

August 1, 2013

Vigyan Ashram  organized “*Open House Exhibition*” of all its activities
on the occasion of tenth anniversary of Dr, S.S.Kalbag (founder of Vigyan
Ashram) on *30th July 2013.*

Important projects, activities and achievements were demonstrated with key success as –
1) Solar Egg incubator
2) Fab Lab project
3) Aquaponic agriculture
4) Azolla cultivation
5) New food products (Instant Pooran, wood apple pulp)

Nearly 4000 visitors (students , local villagers,well wishers) took advantages of exhibition. Here are the same important pics –



8th Open House Exhibition

August 10, 2011

Vigyan Ashram organize open house exhibition every year on death anniversary of our founder Dr. S. S. Kalbag. This year we have organized it in our newly constructed Finishing School building. More than 1200 people including representatives from network organizations, old DBRT students, volunteers, students of IBT schools and villagers visited this year.

Students of Shree Bhairavnath Mahavidyalaya organized a rally in the morning. Program started at 9:30pm, anchoring done by Mr. Mukesh Bhavsar. Initially an obituary was given to Dr. Shreenath Kalbag then Miss. Amruta Jangam gifted sketch of Kalbag sir to Amma. ‘Young Entrepreneur Award 2011’ was given to Mr. Sukhdev Gaikwad who is running fabrication workshop at Chakan. Shrimati Kausabai Deshmukh (Kausa aaji) of VA Kitchen also got honoured for her long service to Vigyan Ashram. Mr. Anandrao Patil, Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni and villagers shared their memory about Dr. Kalbag. and some school children also gave a wonderful speech summarising journey of Vigyan Ashram.

Exhibition was open for all whole day. Many projects made by Vigyan Ashram students and staff were centre of attraction this year. People were happy to see Pedal power generator, papercrete technology, egg incubator, aquaponics, FabLab, mechbull tractor. Many of food products made by students of food lab were also for sale. We have shown live streaming of program on internet using stremgo. Vigyan Ashram received Rs. 12500 due to community service done by various departments. We thank all our supporters for visiting us and motivating our students as well as staff.

For photos you can visit to-

-Mukesh Bhavsar


PAC meeting dated 21-06-2011……

July 5, 2011

                       Minuets of meeting – PAC meeting dated 19.06.2011.

Planning action Committee (PAC) meeting was held on 19th June 2011 at Vigyan ashram, Pabal. This was regular quarterly meet of PAC, for taking review of Vigyan ashram’s works and deciding further action for next three months. The main agenda of this meeting was –

  • To discuss current status of student Hostel building construction work.
  • To decide about proposal of staff quarter building.
  • To decide about Tulsi Cultivation & oleoresin extraction project proposal.
  • Any other point with permission of chair.

For discussing above points, following PAC members and VA staff  was present for this meeting as –

1.   Mrs.Mira Kalbag.

2.   Dr.Yogesh Kulkarni.

3.   Mr.Ashok Kalbag.

4.   Mr.Sunil Kulkarni.

5.   Mr.B.R.Arbad.

6.   Mr.Ranajeet Shanbhag.

7.   Mr.Mukesh Bhavsar.


Vigyan Ashram on the BBC

December 29, 2009

Follow this link to read


Visiting Vigyan Ashram

December 18, 2009

Vigyan Ashram is located at Pabal, about 70 km (a two-hour drive) north of Pune. There are various ways to get to Vigyan Ashram. Bus connectivity from Pune is reasonably good.

If you have your own vehicle, you could take the Pune-Nashik highway up to Rajgurunagar and turn off onto the Rajgurunagar-Pabal road. Alternatively, you could take the Pune-Ahmednagar road up to Shikrapur and join the Shikrapur-Pabal road. Pabal is approximately 20 kms from both Rajgurunagar and Shikrapur. Vigyan Ashram is located on a hillock, approximately 1.5 kms from Pabal’s main bus stand. Look for a hillock with cellphone towers and an overhead water tank as a marker, it is fairly prominent.

If you plan to use public transport, buses from Pune ply to Rajgurunagar and Shikrapur. You can either use the inter-city ST (State Transport) buses or intra-city PMPML (Pune city public transport) buses. Shuttle buses from Rajgurunagar to Pabal ply every 30 minutes from the Rajgurunagar ST depot. Similarly, shuttle buses from Shikrapur ply every hour.In case you need them, shared jeep transport can also be used.

To visit, you may call up Mr. Anand Gosavi for details. He can be reached at +91-9960865463. The Pabal campus can also be reached at +91-2138 (STD code) – 292326.


Hello World!

October 5, 2009

The Vigyan Ashram blog is finally up and running. Our range of posts will cover updates on work done at Vigyan Ashram, and happenings at Vigyan Ashram in general.

Before we begin, a little bit about us. We are an NGO based in a village called Pabal, in Maharashtra, India. Founded by the visionary Dr. S.S. Kalbag in 1983, we have come a long way since, to become one of India’s premier NGOs. Our story, and more about our work, can be found on our website

The first set of posts will have a round-up of the various activities and projects currently under-way at Vigyan Ashram. Updates on each will follow subsequently. Keep reading!