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Trials on Dome Dryer

June 1, 2017

Trials started on  ’Dome Dryer’. Dome dryer is, dryer  based on natural air convention & dehumidification. This drying concept uses geodesic dome shape to generate natural air movement for faster drying. Initial trials ,showed that it can be effectively used in winter season  This dryer will be very useful for drying of high value fruits , vegetables & spices with maximum colour , flavours & nutritional value retention.

Initial trial have shown encouraging results on Mint leaves , ginger , onion etc. We are working on testing its effectiveness in different agro-climatice regions / seasons and standerdizing it for further dissemination.

Form more information please refer trial report –Dome dryer



February 1, 2011

The solar park at vigyan Ashram carrying out the kitchen work like Chapatis [@150,Rice cooking,Bathing Water & and also froot

& vegetable – drying using Solar Scheffler, parabolic [prince-40] Cookers & solar drier at some extent. The food material for the day

only presently cooked here. The saving in terms [economicaly indirectly] calculations are going on.


INDUSA Solar Kitchen Equipements Installation & commissioning

December 12, 2010

At last nature cooperated and cleared the climate.From Dec 1 to Dec 5 ,2010 the long awaited INDUSA solar installation & commissioning was done successfully. Presently following equipements are  installaed  & commissioned. All the equipments are working nicely.This would have been not happened without the mutual co- ordination of the INDUSA initiatives .

Following are the instruments installed & commissioned .

1.Solar scheffler concentrator with 500Ltr water heating jacket

2. Solar batch drier

3.Prince 40( Parabolic cooker)

4. 500Ltr insulated tank for continuous hot water supply.

5 Scheffler cooking cabinet with stove.


Solar Egg Incubator’s Success Trial ( 85% success Result)

November 11, 2010

The first trail on the electrial egg incubation unit was mainly to get the required parameters like temperature & humidity to hatch the eggs need to be monitored for 21 days. The first trial showed 100deg F ( dry bulb) & 85-87deg F ( dry bulb). The main objective of the next trial was to operate the entire unit on solar application. The priciple of closed heat exchanger with fixed quantity of hot water circulation was adopted in the system to maintain the above mentioned parameter in the incubation chamber using the solar energy.

In the month of September 2010 the 3rd trial was not succesful because of the uneven change in the parameters like temp & humidity. Due to which the trial was stopped .Again the desired changes were made to monitor the parameters closely. This time the rail ( 4th trial started on 7th of Oct) , everything went well . 20 eggs were kept on trial basis, Anil.Gadhe monitored the entire period closely ( even in night) . At last the system incubated 17 chicks successfully out of 20. We got 85% of success rate . The experiment showed the parameters 100deg F dry temp & 87 deg F we bulb can be generated and monitored using the closed water circulation heat exchanger . The method what thought at the time of applying the provisional patent application . Now the same system is working using the gas stove ( due to the non availability of the solar energy for heating at the time of trial). The concept of hatching of eggs by hot liquid circulation was proved experimentally ( The idea was applied for the provisional patent ). Now the next stage is to run same unit using solar water heating application.



Report : Indo- Afrique paper mill visit (Pune ) ( 1/10/2010)

October 20, 2010

Report : Indo- Afrique papermill visit (Pune )

Date : 1/10/2010

On 1/10/2010, we got the precious appointment to visit the Indo Afrique paper mill . Which is situated 40Km after katraj ( Pune – satara high way)The main objective was to know the exact quantity of non useful waste pulp of paper & other wastes left after the processing. Also to explore the same data on the potential availability of waste pulp for making the papercrete.On daily basis following will be released to space.

a) 5-10 tons of waste pulp ( 60% fibre & 40 % ash),

b) pulp waste + impurities : 500kg / day,

c) fly ash : 100kg/ day

Image : 5-10 tons of waste pulp ( 60% fibre & 40 % ash)

Considering the data from the potential availability of resources from paper mill & laturs( Jan Adhar ) work on the empowerment of rag pickers the , final copy of proposal is prepared and is given for the cross checking.


Latur Visit – Rag Pickers empowerment through papercrete

October 20, 2010

Rag Pickers empowerment through papercrete ( 19th Aug 2010)

The women and children ( BPL) wandering here and there in the city, in search of scarp. These people are deprived of the basic needs( food, shelter, cloth).They became the victims of the vicious circle of blind faith, addiction & ill health. They can’t come out of it till their last breath. In the tender age of childhood, parents fondle their kids. As they grow up , they need to attend school . But these children are forced to earn ands fore that they either work hard or beg . As per the survey of the JAS_ ADHAR , only 23 children out of 160 , attend the the school. And the rest  Just think ???

To over come such problem Jan – Adhar strongly believes in the their 5 point scheme viz. self employment, co-operation, education, protection , and dignity.  Janseva Solid Waste management co-operative society  was formed in the year 1996 for self employment on co-operative basis. The society runs a special class and library for school dropout who work in the hotel, brick making, shoe polishing, etc. They are also given vocational guidance.

500 rag pickers are in the network. 42 tractors are under regular service. Around 130 people are working through tractor Janseva currently providing mid day meal facility , regular health checkups, schooling facility to children etc. Till now 30 SHG’s are formed among the woman rag pickers.

This enables them to get the financial & social protection with dignity. Also jan- adhar works on the principle of ‘production by masses’

Following is the table gives the recent survey conducted  on the quantity of waste collected daily from 90,000 houses at Latur

Sl No Type of waste Qty of waste collecetd ( ton)
1 Paper 4.8
2 Carry bag Platic 3.53
3 Agro waste 4.03
4 Glass Etc 3.23
5 Waste cloth 2.78
6 Stone & mud 23.63
7 Scrap metal 2.03
8 Kitchen waste , animal dung 71.45
Total waste in (ton)
116.25 tons

Note : Papercrete is an alternate building material which can developed by  harnessing the potential waste  paper. Janadhar is ready to support for the pilot activity at Latur.


Jan Adhar seva Bhavi Sansatha:

President : Shri Sanjay. Kamble (9923409153)

Shyam Kunj, Shyam Nagar

Latur: 413431


Pest control Training at VA Pabal

October 20, 2010

      Maharashtra Pest control owner( MPI) from Khed.( Mr. Dattatreya . Dherange ) , conducted the basic training on the bed bug control.   ( 19/9/2010 & 28/9/2010)

      • Students from DBRT food lab learnt how to make the bed bug control medicine and practically prepared & spayed the medicine on bed bug in three different hostels. Successfully the bed bugs were controlled.
      • Also on be half of VA , MPI got the first order from Pabal village to control the cockroach & store grain pest of Jain Dharmashala.

Report- Practical training on the construction of Geodesic dome.

October 20, 2010

Course: Practical training on the construction of geodesic dome.

Date: 11th Oct – 15th Oct 2010.

Training Organizer: Anil.Joshi

Experts From Outside: Mr/ Kasim . Bhai . Inamdar ( Dome kit expert , from Pabal)

Mr. Asholchand . Mathur(Freelancer in domes & papercrete tech)

Experts from In-house: Mr. Laxman. P. Jadhav ( Dy. Principal DBRT , VA , Pabal)

Topics covered during the training:

  • Introduction to VA & its philosophy,
  • Introduction to Domes & Buckminster Fuller
  • Introduction to Basic Dome Kit
  • Designing of dome( depends on the diameter)
  • Foundation basics & circle marking
  • Assembly of Dome structure.
  • Facilitation of doors , windows , ventilators
  • Reinforcement, shattering, plastering etc

  • Dome costing
  • Aesthetics , interiors, joints, partitions & fitments
  • Business opportunities on dome construction.

Participants Details :

  • Sachin.Joshi ( Krishna Foundation)
  • Sagar . Bhosle ( SSY Srirampur center)
  • Sannubhai. Sangada( ACF “Ambuja Cement Foundation” Gujarat)
  • Mansinh. Parmar ( ACF “Ambuja Cement Foundation” Gujarat)
  • Ram.Teke ( Chnadrapur , Pharmacist)
  • Jayendra . Pande ( IBT Chikhalgaon

Outcome of the training;

  • Sagar bhosle , ram teke, sachin Joshi are ready to build the domes at their place.
  • Jayendra pande is ready to build for IBT school
  • They want to be part of dome research in future days.

Practical training on the construction of geodesic – dome.( Oct 11-16 /2010)

September 28, 2010

Hurry, Lets come ………………………………………… Build UR……………………………………..Dream DOME

Dear Friends ,

On behalf of Vigyan Ashram well come to wonderful world of domes. Our wish is to share practical training on the construction of geodesic – dome.

Venue : Vigyan Ashram( ) Ta: Shirur Dt: Pune A/post Pabal; 412403

Route Map (Pune shivaji Nagar – Nasik Phata – Rajgurunagar— Pabal ) ( 70 Km)


( Pune Corporation — Shikhrapur – Pabal ) ( 70 Km)

Training Date : 11th oct – 16th oct 2010. ( 6 days ) Organiser: Vigyan Ashram, Pabal

Date of Registration: On or before 4th Oct 2010

Contact :Anil.Joshi ( 09960877693), Anand.Gosavi ( 09960865463), Ranjit. Shanbagh ( 08149596684)

Our Objective :

  • To promote low cost housing.
  • To impart technical & asthetic detials on the contsruction of Geodesic Dome.

Designed for :

  • Nomadics , Farmers
  • Civil contractors
  • People who stays near seashores, earthquake zones, deserts etc
  • Residential quarters in communes.
  • Those who wish to take it up as “New Enterprenuership”

Eligibility : Any candidate ( M/F) aged above 16 yrs.

Outcome of course:

  • U can build low cost mobile home by yourself.
  • U can give consultancy to others.
  • U can become an entreprenuer.
  • U can create best out of less.

Training Details:

  • Full time training.
  • Practicals are followed by theory.

Topics :

  • Introduction to Geodesic Dome.
  • Introduction to manufacturing of Dome Kit
  • Assembly of Dome structure.
  • Foundation
  • Fasilitations for doors & window etc
  • Reinforcement
  • Mortaring without shattering
  • Partitions , extrafittings ,Ventilator
  • Dome costing
  • Asthetics and interiors of dome.

Training Charges :Rs 1000 per participant + Rs 90 / day / person (Food Charges)

Note: Dormatory accomodation facility is available for both gents & ladies on chargeable basis.