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Rice De-husking machine – Lab trial report

February 25, 2015

As a part of technology development for producing brown rice at domestic level, we successfully completed lab trial. The said machine is motorized with 10 Kg/ Hr de-husking capacity. This machine is very useful for Rice growing Farmers, SHGs , rural youth for starting domestic level brown rice production. For details on lab trial please follow link given below –
rice de-husking lab-trial report

Rice- De-husking machine video —


Raspberry Pi training @ DIY Lab, Vigyan ashram, Pune.

January 7, 2015

Vigyan ashram please to announce training workshop on Raspberry Pi @ 24th to 26th January 2015 at Vigyan ashram Pune office (DIY lab, JPNCE, Kothrud, Pune).

For more details please open following link –

RPi- Vigyan Ashram 24-26 Jan



Sanitary Pad disposal unit.

December 15, 2014

Vigyan ashram has successfully fabricated & lab-tested sanitary Pad Disposal / Incinerator unit. The said unit is named as WOMA-VIVUS-FAB incinerator. Details on this  as below-


VA FAB-LAB has contributed for designing & development of this unit. Your comments / feedback will  help us further to improve it.


New prototype design of Hand Operated Rice De-husking…..

July 13, 2014

A new prototype design is made for fabricating Hand operated De-husking machine. This low cost machine will be useful for preparing brown rice (non – polished rice as  traditional rice pounding ) without grid (electricity) power. Dr.B.S.K.K.V , Agriculture B.Tech students Sanath Prabhukhanolkar and Nilam Shirsat worked on this prototype designing during their summer training at Vigyan ashram campus. For more information you can contact Mr.Anil Gadhe – Hand operated rice de-husking


LDR based light Controller

July 5, 2013

LDR (Light dependent resistor) based light controller was designed in the FABLAB. It is very useful to operate street lamps.

There is no need to monitor or operate the lamp separately as it is operation is depend on the ambient light.

It change the state of lamp from OFF to ON  when dusk occurs & the vice-versa.

Please find the design document below.

Light Controller V_0.1


Water Pump Controller/Alarm System

July 4, 2013

Water Pump Controller/alarm system is fabricated in Vigyan Ashram.Purpose of this system is to turn off the motor when water level close to the full. There is also another provision in the same circuit with few changes which blows the alarm when water level reach up to the sensor level. One can easily serves the purpose of water saving with this device.

It is very easy to built this circuit by following the given primary document below.100_4313

Water Pump Controller V_0.1


Solar Street lamp Installation & Maintenance Manual

May 16, 2013

A manual was design for the installation & maintenance of solar street lamp.The purpose of this manual is to train rural youths so that they can install,maintain & repair solar street lamp themselves and by means of this they can start earning  at their place itself. This manual is going to used by different trainers across Maharashtra state.One work shop was also done succesfully by Vigyan Ashram in the Selu village of Wardha dist.

Manual contains following things like:

  • The basics of solar energy,
  • Tools & components required for installation & maintenance,
  • Calculation for finding load,battery capacity& solar power,
  • Installation process & steps of maintenance.

Apart from this it also contain the information about the different types of solar energy based devices.

Please follow the link for manual

सौर पथदिवे यंत्रणा V_2(a)

Solar Installation Manual