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Carboon free Chikki Making business………………….

January 30, 2012

Chikki making (Indian dry nut Candy) is very profitable and well set cottage scale business in rural and urban areas. With SHG revolution many SHG’s groups and individual entrepreneurs are engaged in Chikki making. In this business fuel cost is supposed to be major input cost , which involves in roasting nuts and making sugar/jaggery syrup. If this cost is reduced by using solar cooking devices(Solar scheffler / PRINCE – 40 ), business profit can be significantly increased and new carbon free product can be marketed with extra cost (details are given in attached link below). In our trial we also found that taste (quality) of final product is also far better than fire wood / LPG stove made chikki, mainly because of even roasting of nuts.

In short these devices can be used for commercial Chikki making business. Detailed trial report is given below-              carbon-free-chikki1.


INDUSA Solar Kitchen Equipements Installation & commissioning

December 12, 2010

At last nature cooperated and cleared the climate.From Dec 1 to Dec 5 ,2010 the long awaited INDUSA solar installation & commissioning was done successfully. Presently following equipements are  installaed  & commissioned. All the equipments are working nicely.This would have been not happened without the mutual co- ordination of the INDUSA initiatives .

Following are the instruments installed & commissioned .

1.Solar scheffler concentrator with 500Ltr water heating jacket

2. Solar batch drier

3.Prince 40( Parabolic cooker)

4. 500Ltr insulated tank for continuous hot water supply.

5 Scheffler cooking cabinet with stove.


INDUSA ( Installation of Solar kitchen equipments) updates

May 17, 2010

  • Installation of solar cooking devices at Vigyan ashram.

  • Project proposal for the installation of solar cooking devices(16sqm scheffler concentrator, PRINCE 40 solar parabolic cooker, tunnel drier, 12 sqm solar batch drier, Bakery / oven , biogas generator) at the Vigyan ashram was submitted to INDUSA.

  • The proposal got accepted for VA campus for the year 2010.
  • Civil work is under progress. Mr. Swamy is taking care of the work.
  • Students from the Lupin Foundation have taken the work of constrction as part of Mason training .
  • Scheffler reflector & solar dryers  preparation is under progress.
  • Mr. Anil.Gadhe is undergoing the training on above mentioned products at Dhule ( Maharastra)