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Water Level Display

September 5, 2019

This prototype we developed to indicate water level available in Vigyan ashram Well. This system mainly have two units; one is Transmitter which takes readings from level sensor placed on 5ft distance in between (Well hight is 25 ft so we kept 5 sensors) inside Well and sends data through GSM module to receiver unit. Receiver unit also consisting GSM module which receives data through Text message and displays it on LED display. We’re planning to setup same system on Thitewadi bandhara (Water source for Pabal village)and display these Water level data in Village.


AutoFarm Datalogger

September 5, 2019

We developed this prototype to collect temperature and humidity data from different locations; mainly in closed environment and keep log of this data. In future we want to work on pest predication system for different crops and for this Data collection is major part. This device is first step towards. Its solar powered with battery backup and consisting GPRS model to send data on cloud, so you can place this device any were without any restriction of electricity and internet source. For now we installed this in VA campus for initial testing, you can see and export live readings from this public channel



FAB15 conference updates

August 19, 2019

Vigyan ashram Fablab participated in 15th Fablab International conference ( held at Cairo, Egypt in between 28th July to 4th August. Suhas and Fabacdemy student Tushar attended this and conducted workshop on subject ‘Make your own personalized power bank’ covered topics like basic electronics, circuit functioning , battery types and selection etc. Three students of Fabacademy and fabricademy graduated during conference. It was always inspiring to be in Fablab network, meet with peoples , share knowledge,increase collaborations, learn skills and update ourselves.


DBRT 2019-20 batch admissions open

June 21, 2019

Admissions open for Vigyan Ashram’s Diploma in Basic Rural Technology (DBRT) course. Its 1 year diploma course with recognition of ‘National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) . Its IDEAL for those who likes ‘Hand on Activities’ and has ‘Enterprising abilities’. Please spread words so as to reach needy students.


CNC Router machine

June 21, 2019


We’re developing new CNC router machine as machines available in market are not affordable for schools, colleges and Tinkering labs those having budget constraints, also wood workers/ carpenter’s needs these type of machines in low cost. Under Fablab 2.0 concept Machine that can make machines we used Fablab machines to develop this machine and soon our one of student starting his own startup in this.

Machine features :

  • Uses open source Hardware and software with modifications.
  • Possible customization as per applications and requirements.
  • Low cost compare to market with better quality.
  • Mobile , PC and SD card interface, user friendly .

Technical specifications

  • Machine area : 800mm X800 mm  
  • Working Area : 600 mm X 600 mm (Available in different size)
  • Spindle speed : 30000 RPM  Bosch router
  • Operating Voltage: 230+-10 VAC and 5VDC for control unit.  
  • Materials : Wood, Acrylic, Aluminium (6mm) and any soft material
  • Open source software : GRBLGRU, modifications possible.

Machine video :


REDx club for AI

June 21, 2019

Vigyan ashram DIY lab started REDx club ( on 9th February 2019 , its basically students/ innovators club to innovate through Artificial Intelligence (AI)technology for social impact. Maharashtra REDX club coordinators Mr. Rushabh Lambia and VA adviser Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni inaugurated this club. Every Saturday these club members are gathering at DIY lab Kothrud and working on different project ideas. Updates of all these activities are available here: REDx club weekly updates


Summer Camp 2019 Activities

June 5, 2019

Vigyan ashram Fablab and DIY lab Kothrud  Organized Summer camp activities in month April and May considering school/college holidays. Activities are based on Digital fabrication tools like laser cutter, 3d printer, Vinyl cutter, 3d scanning ,2D / 3D designing  and some of electronic circuits making using arduino micro controller and different type of sensors. In collaboration with  IUCAA Pune we conducted Astronomy and scientific toys  making workshops to know basics of Astronomy ,telescope and science principles . For science teachers  and students  Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni sir conducted session on “Future need, required education & role of parents”. Students made different projects like Solar gadgets, Smart dustbin, Laser cut wall clock, masks, Air rocket, water rocket, Scientific toys , 3d printed parts, T shirt painting etc. during these days.



Vietnamese Koi (Anabas testudineus) farming in Aquaponics – Trial Update

March 1, 2019

Brief Background

Vietnamese koi is getting popularized in Maharashtra state due to its higher market potential and high growth with attractive FCR. Koi has added advantage in aquaponics farming due to its higher tolerance to lower water DO, higher nitrate level and wide choice of feed (omnivorous feeding). Said trial was conducted during June 2018 to December 2018 at Vigyan ashram Aquaponics farm setup.

System details

Fish tank – HDPE lined fish tank of approximately 15000 lit with bottom drain connected to separate sludge tank.

Bio-bed- Bio-beds where constructed using lose brick structure & HDPE plastic liner with volume of approximately 7000 lit . Bio-beds were connected to each other by flood & drain based siphons system. Water was taken back to fish tank after circulating in bio-beds. Bio-beds filled with red earthen brick as bio-media and planted with Japaneses mint (Mentha spicata) & Alu / Taru (Colocasia esculenta).

Water circulation – Water from fish tank is taken out in separate sludge thank through bottom drain. Water from sludge tank is pumped to bio-beds with submersible sludge pump connected through automated timer. Bio-beds were connected to each other by flood & drain system to take water back to fish tank.

Water quality parameters- Water DO is maintained by fixing air pump (airflow of 35 Lit/Hr) with power backup system. Water DO was maintained around 6 to 7 ppm. Water ammonia (NH4 ) was maintained below 0.5 ppm by circulation through bio-beds. Water temperature was kept between 22 to 28 ° C by restricting evaporative cooling by covering bio-bed & fish tank with UV stabilize polyhouse paper.

Fish feed & feeding interval- Fish fed with 0.8 to 4 mm floating pallets with 28 to 32 % protein @ 10 to 2 % feeding rate during trial perios. Feed was given 4 times/day @ equal interval during day time. Fish were also fed with fresh azolla @ 500 gm/day (not taken into calculation of FCR).


Result –

Fish growth & FCR – Total of 800 fish fingerlings of koi and  40 yearlings (average 60 gm) of grass carp were raised during June to December period. The final fish density was 5 Kg / lit of water. Average fish weight achieved during 7 months raring was 53.75 gm with average length of 18 Cm / per fish. Total of 73 Kg fish were harvested at end of trial with FCR of 2.01 (147 Kg fish floating pellet feed used).


Market rate & Sales – Koi has good market potential. Fresh fish were sold @ 200 Rs/ Kg in Pune city as wholesale price.

Difficulties faced & way forward- Following were some of the difficulties faced during trial –

  • Fish mortality- Very heavy (almost 80 %) fish mortality was faced during trial. Its was mainly higher stress levels due to high stocking density leading to fungal infection. Its been also observed that Koi has very strong cannibalism nature. During course of experiment separate trials were conducted to standardize stocking density of koi fingerlings & treatment methodology so as to avoid these issues in aquaponics farming. Experiment results available on –
  • Un-even growth of fish- Its found that koi has very high degree of un-even growth rate. It may be due to aggressive nature of healthy fingerlings. Its found that in aquaponics separation (sizing), selective feeding etc may need to adopt for even growth & harvesting.
  • Water losses & pump failures – Failure of water pump, electrical failures and leakages in bio-bed, fish tank were some of the frequent issues during trial. Its affected overall water quality parameters mainly higher ammonia concentrations during later stage of trial affecting overall growth rate & FCR.


Its found that Koi has good potential for aquaponics farming due to adaptability of lower quality water parameters, higher tolerance and market potential but Koi farming is also bit tricky due to its strong cannibalism nature.  Aquaponics farmers can adopt koi with very good returns provided they got enough knowledge & skills in koi handling with market demand study.


Autofarm – A real time Soil moisture, Temperature, Humidity monitor for farmers

February 16, 2019

Auto Farm  :  A controller for precision agriculture. 

Problem being address : 

Its important if we monitor major parameters like Temperature, Soil moisture, Humidity inside poly house for better plant health and growth. Devices available in market to monitor all those are expensive – having modules for each parameter with individual cost and made for large scale farming. For small scale farmers with limited annual income needs such device in low cost to increase crop yield and income.

Features : 

  • Controls Temperature , Humidity and Soil moisture parameters
  • Data will get on Mobile via Bluetooth.
  • Available for single phase and Three phase application.
  • Low cost, easy to operate & maintains.

Technical specifications : 

  • Customised Temperature and Humidity sensor with higher accuracy
  • Operating Voltage : 12VDC -1 amp , External Source : 230+- 10 VAC
  • Weight : 500 gms , Size : 145mm X 190mm
  • Rust free Soil moisture sensor cable length: 5 meter.
  • Data availability on Mobile Distance: 100 meter maximum.
  • Re programmable as per crop.




Build your own hydroponics – Tamil Language link

January 27, 2019

Dear viewers thanks a lot for our overwhelming response to our hydroponics fodder making video. On demand from Tamil viewers  we are happy to upload following document.

hydroponics fodder cultivation unit parts & specifications (in tamil) (1)