“Made In Pabal” DC Laser cutter & Wood router

March 30, 2018

Its our pleasure to install digital DC laser cutter and Wood router machines at Lokmanya Vidya Mandir , IBT School at Chikhalgaon (Tal-Dapoli , Dist- Ratnagiri , Maharashtra).

These CNC machines are MADE IN Fab-Lab , Pabal by our Fab engineers Ms.Supriya Kadam and Mr. Suhas Labde.

Specifications of these machines are as below –

DC Laser cutter –

  • This laser can work with 0.3 mm precision and can cut or engrave up to 1.5 mm depth.
  • Operate on DC hence no need to worry about earthing & fluctuating power supply.
  • Cut cardboard and paper , therefore useful for school students projects.

Digital wood router –

  • It is a wood milling machine with work bed area : 600 cm X 600 cm (machine footprint:  800 cm X800 cm)  , machine accuracy : Properly tuned and calibrated machine will get resolution up to  0.075 mm to 0.13mm
  • It works with  Arduino Mega with GRBL Installed and Input Voltage : 220VAC-240VAC  (Spindle :  Power : 500 W ,Speed without load : 30,000 rpm)

These 2 machines are part of Rural School based digital fabrication (Fab Lab) establishment of project under “The 2017 Chevron STEM Education Award”. 


Aquaponics (RAS) In India – Update

February 14, 2018

As published earlier , we at Vigyan ashram , conducting trial on Aquaponics (RAS) system with Grass carp fish. At present our system is of 5 months old (loaded with 2 Gm grass carp fingerlings in September 2017) and its running quite smooth. The bio-beds are flushed with Tomatoes , Alo leaves and polyhouse with rose plantation. Grass carps also showing fair growth rate with 30 to 450 Gm fish weight in last 5 months. Fish is fed with Azolla / Berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum) and floating pallets (40:40:10 ratio). The weight (growth) variation probably due to higher stocking density (1000+ fingerlings in 50000 lit fish tank). We are thinking to do thinning of fish for getting marketable fish in next 3-4 months (By end of June 2018)


Simple yet very effective -Cap for Sugarcane farmers –

December 27, 2017

In Sugarcane farming, it is difficult for farmers to work within sugarcane field due to sharp edges of sugarcane leaves.  Sharp leaves results in cuts on the face and potential damages eyes. This problem is severe when sugarcane crop grows up and farmers have to enter the filed for watering, spraying fertilizers. A safety cap is designed by Chetan Kadam (VA DIC student) realizing his own problem while doing farming at his native place. For information of such simple yet useful innovation please visit DIC @ vigyan ashram.


Aero-seance , a weather parameter sensors for School

December 26, 2017

Aero-seance is a simple DIY kit module for building a multiple sensor check on one device. This sensor module has following modules ( not limited to below list) –

  • MQ6 — It detects LPG Gas leakage.
  • MQ7— It detects Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas.
  • MQ135—- It detects CO2, Smoke, Alcohol, and NH3.
  • LDR ——- it detects intensity of light.
  • DHT 22—- It detects Temperature and Humidity.

For more details on this please follow link below –




Bamboo crafts / furniture / Structures training workshop

December 23, 2017

Vigyan ashram please to announce hand on training on bamboo processing (Making of crafts , furniture , structures etc) during 27th to 30th December. Interested candidates requested to contact on number below-



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New Pyrolysis based Sanatory Pad Incinerator (Version 4)

December 19, 2017

Sanitary Napkin Incinerator  (Version 4)

A novel incineration device has been developed that uses pyrolysis to decompose sanitary napkins into hydrocarbon vapours and combustible gases along with some non-combustible gases and char. These vapours and gases are made to pass over high temperature electric coils (>500 degC) where they auto-ignite in the presence of oxygen. The heat from the flames partially drives the pyrolysis of remaining sanitary pads. A smoke stack thermocouple sensor feeds back values to a PID controller implemented through a microcontroller to maintain proper pyrolysis and combustion conditions that result in a transparent flue gas exiting from the chimney.

Features :

  1. It completely incinerates 5–20 used sanitary napkins in less than 30 min.
  2. A provisional patent has been filed.
  • Unit is successfully lab tested for 500+ pads as lab trial. It is installed in ladies hostel for field testing.
  1. Technology is transferred to M/S Climber Enviro Solutions
    LLP for commercialization of this technology.

Incinerator (JPEG)


Home Made Moringa Powder fortified cookies.

October 14, 2017

Dear viewers ,

Cookies can be healthy & taste. We are trying minor millets & moringa powder fortification at Vigyan ashram bakery. Please find detailed recipe –

Moringa powder fortified homemade cookies