Standardization of stocking density & treatment methodology of Vietnamese Koi fish fry.

January 26, 2019


Dear readers its our pleasure to share our experience in treatment of fish fry. A said experiment was carried out as part of aquaponics trials study during July – December 2018. Aim of study was to standardize stocking density & treatment methodology for Vietnamese Koi fish before releasing them in actual aquaponics system.

fish trial paper i

Please let us know your comments on above paper : vapabaldst@gmail.com 


Aquaponics training workshop @ 24-25 November 2018

November 20, 2018

We are pleased to announce a 2 days training workshop on’ Aquaponics farming’ on 24th & 25th November 2018. This training is aimed to share our experience in aquaponics farming during past 4 years. Training will cover aquaponics system design , system biology , water chemistry along with commercial aspects like feed conversion rations , economics , return on investment (ROI) etc. 

We have limited 10 seats for training (Sorry for last minute posting !!) . Request you to circulate post in like-minded groups / pages and contact vapabaldst@gmail.com for any further clarifications / information, 


DIY – Digital hygrometer

October 22, 2018

n Pune market , digital hygrometers are either very costly or low cost versions are having very high error margin. We needed high accuracy hygrometers for our ‘drying apparatus’  , so we build it by studying analog (dry bulb / wet bulb) hygrometer basic working principles coupled with arduino based programming / computing.

DIC student Jaydip has worked on this and here are its details –



Taking Pune’s DIY culture a STEP ahead…

October 20, 2018

Vigyan ashram , Do-It-Yourself lab Pune is happy to announce Diwali vacation’ DIY camp’  during 3-17 November 2018. This camp is targeted for 8+ age group students with spark of Diwali lightning! Camps will explore application of new technologies like robotics , 3D printing , laser cutting etc for making of sky lanterns , electronics fire-crackers , traditional decorative items like idols , show pieces etc in very constructive learning manner. Interested students / parents are requested to register before 25/10/2018 to assure their seat. Please contact 94042251930 / 9067157281 for further details.



Build your own – Braille Printer

October 19, 2018

braillerap-v2Braille printing (embossing) is time consuming process but very much needed one! Thanks new technology interventions like CNC , 3D printing which are right their to impact it for easing it. Now its our tern to make it much simpler and DIY form and reach to masses in cost effective way.

FABLAB @ VA has tried to adopt it and make easy for DIY explorers. Here is our first hand experience on making of Braille printer at Pabal. Its under trial at movement but we would like to here from you if you wish to adopt it !

BrailleRapSP is a machine which is piloted in G-CODE, to emboss braille it is necessary first of all to translate the text in Braille. There are 2 solutions to translate Braille: The BrailleRap application online https://crocsg.github.io/BrailleRap/ The NatBraille application http://natbraille.free.fr

For further details please visit – https://avinashpudale.wordpress.com/braille-printer-2/



Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi through sanitation drive

October 3, 2018

Celebration #Gandhijayanti & #SwatchBharatDiwas with dissemination of various sanitation technologies through IBT Schools. Participation by 100+ Schools with 6125 students for making of 35 Soak pits , 330 H2S water testings, 31 Village clean drives and 715 recyclable carry bags distribution. collage11


Innovation Lab, Palnar (Dantewada) Updates

September 7, 2018

Vigyan ashram ,Pabal Setting up new maker-space in Village Palnar – 40 km ahead from Dantewada city with support of District Administration Dantewada, Government of Chattisgarh. Main objective behind is to introduce digital fabrication tools to rural community ,schools ,colleges and work on Innovative solution for local problems. Lab is having advance machines – 3D printer, Laser cutter, PCB milling machine, Vinyl cutter , Soldering station, Power tools, Safety equipment s etc. In recent 19 workshops/ activities we reach out around 332 students from nearby schools. Let’s stay connected for more updates on our Innovation lab facebook page .