Fab academy 2018 course Project details

July 10, 2018

This year for fabacademy course running by Vigyan ashram Fablab  ;8 students are enrolled and 7 of them get graduated. Course is mainly based on digital fabrication skills and processes with 19 per week assignments and one final project. Vigyan ashram Fablab always working on need base solutions; considering all these students worked on different prototypes/ solutions .

Details of projects they did as per below-

Desktop Cleaning cabinet

Heat retention box

Bhel Maker

Ganak: Visitors Data-logger system


Evaporative fridge

The Azolla Experiment




Course on – Advanced Electrician

June 23, 2018

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Summer Camp @ Fab-Lab

April 28, 2018
विज्ञान आश्रम फॅबलब, पाबळ यांच्यातर्फे मुलांना आजच्या युगातील तंत्रज्ञानाची ओळख व्हावी या उद्देशाने Summer Camp-2K18 चे आयोजन करण्यात आले आहे. यामध्ये त्यांना  2D-3D design softwares, 3D printing , लेसर कटर मशीन, Arduino board, 3d scanning,  basic electronics  व रेडीअम कटर अश्या डीजीटल मशीन वापरण्यास मिळतील व एक प्रकल्प त्याच्याकडून बनवून घेण्यात येईल.
सदर कम्प हा १७ व १८ मे रोजी पाबळ येथे घेण्यात येत आहे .बाहेर गावातील विद्यार्थ्यासाठी राहण्याची व जेवणाची सोय करण्यात आलेली आहे.यासाठी २ दिवसांसाठी रु.१००० /- शुल्क आकारण्यात येईल व राहणे व जेवण यासाठी रु. २०० /- जास्त द्यावे लागतील.  कम्पचे माहितीपत्रक सोबत जोडलेले आहे.[English version] नावनोंदणीसाठी खालील नंबरवर तुम्ही
संपर्क करू शकता.summer camp 2018

Sprouting unit for pulses

April 26, 2018

Sprouts has many health benefits. Sprouting of grains / pulses need right amount of temperature , humidity and dissolved oxygen. We observed that their are certain pulses which are difficult to sprout (Kidney bean , Soybean , chickpea etc). Its probably due to protein content & type in these pulses. They either start fermentation process very quickly or has certain dormancy period. Traditionally these grains are hanged in muslin cloth during rainy season in falling rains. Applying this traditional wisdom , a sprouting chamber is designed for our kitchen (5 Kg sprouts / batch).

This chamber has water sprinkler , temperature & humidity and dissolved oxygen enrichment system. Grains are pre-soaked for 12 to 24 Hr (as per weight gain data for selected grains) and then placed in perforated trays with timer based water sprinkling chamber.Difficult to sprout grains can be easily sprouted within 48 to 72 Hrs without any fermentation or stickiness. For more information please follow following doc link –  SPROUTING UNIT REPORT



Aurvedic Oil making machine for micro-enterprises.

April 12, 2018

We are please to successfully complete trial test of ‘ Aurvedic Oil making machine’. This machine is designed & fabricated as per need of SHG members associated with our partner organization Rural Communes. This SHG is manufacturing Nirgudi (Vitex Negundo )Oil with traditional process. This unit will help them to high higher production with better heat efficiency, less time & labor requirement.  Highlighted features of machine are as follow –

  • Heating kettle – SS body with total volume of 60 to 80 lit / batch , Convex shape bottom with drain valve for water & oil (final product) harvest.
  • Increased heat exchange efficiency with  adjustable stirrer blades , baffles & electronically controlled heat sensor.
  • LPG based heating with adjustable flame valve.
  • Wet grinder (stone) for easy grinding of product mix.

Design Innovation student , Sidhesh sakore & Ashwini Bhandare  worked on design & fabrication of this unit. For more information please write us on vapabal@gmail.com


Participation in Festival of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (FINE) 2018

April 5, 2018

Vigyan ashram participated in Festival of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (FINE) , 2018 during 19th to 23rd March. Every year exhibition is organized by the President’s Secretariat in association with National Innovation Foundation-India. It was good platform to showcase work done by us on various technology development projects under DST Core support project and learn from other participants.


Bio-Gas Plant controller & Data Logger

March 31, 2018

Bio-gas plants efficiency is largely based desire temperature & pH value of its digesters. Our alumni Swatch Gas Pvt Ltd (Pune) is working on increasing efficiency of commercial bio-gas plants for urban waste.

Our DIC student Ms.Yogeshree developed & successfully installed a ‘ Real time data Logger & temperature / pH sensor for bio-gas plants.

Technical details of this unit is available on –


For any further details please contact us on vapabal@gmail.com