Small tools for big difference (Agricultural tool) …………

February 11, 2011

As now its quite long time (almost 2 years ) we are forming  farmers clubs (NABARD supported ) and working with them around Vigyan ashram .  Farmers are coming with their idea’s to improve different agricultural practices . We are supporting them by helping  in designing and executing their idea’s.

As few days back we designed two small tools one for making holes to plastic mulch and another is for preparing raised bed in field . Both of these tools will save labour and time of farmers.

The first tool(right hand side) is simply  small steel bowl fixed with handle and distance adjusting point (for maintaining plant-plant distance ) , which after heating can be used effectively for making holes in plastic mulch paper. For more efficient and long time heating special arrangement is made , so that farmers can put same burning charcoal in it.

The second tool is specially modified plough which will make raised beds of different width (2 to 5 ft)  with required height (1 to 1.5 ft).

Original idea’s was taken from farmer (Mr.Datte ) and Mr.Ganesh Pingle (DBRT instructor ) .


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  1. gud work dude……….go on n on n on ……

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